Over 30 years of providing a comprehensive solution to our customers' projects.

Design & Development

We create, complete and perfect exclusive articles and collections for our customers.


Our know-how enables us to manufacture articles in any footwear construction.

Certification & logistics

We manage the certification process and production order initiation.

Why Choose us?

All projects are developed through close, confidential and constant collaboration with our customer.

At Grand Protection Int (GPI) we dedicate ourselves exclusively to the design, development and manufacture of custom-made safety footwear of the highest quality for our clients, adapting us to their project and their needs.

We develop all types of footwear for different uses and business sectors.

Clogs in the health sector, safety boots for industry or safety shoes for the Horeca sector, among many other types.

We adapt to the needs of your business to create the product you are looking for. That is the reason why we do not have a closed catalog of models, something that differentiates us from other companies.

If you are looking for a company to design, develop or produce safety footwear in a personalized and tailored way, at GPI we have more than 20 years of experience in the industry and we have the right equipment and personnel to optimally meet your expectations.

You can always find new concepts and ideas about the field of safety footwear at the hands of specialized professionals in all phases of the product creation process.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account that footwear is of great importance in some labor sectors, because the safety footwear and the protective equipment (PPE) provide greater safety comfort and they allow workers to carry out their tasks effectively based on the specific work environment. 

For this reason, safety footwear must be specifically designed for each type of job, in order to achieve a product with the maximum safety characteristics and a certificate that ensures that they comply with current prevention regulations in force at all times.

Contact us and discover everything we can do for your project. We want to be your company for the design, development and production of safety footwear.

Thanks to a continuous evolution, GPI and Nova are internationally ranked among the Safety Footwear leaders in developing, designing and manufacturing.

We offer new concepts and ideas to the safety footwear world

Constant innovation with new tech systems

all of our services

what are the needs of your project?

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We create, complete and perfect exclusive articles and collections for our customers.

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We rely on our market knowledge, providing technological innovations with the latest trends in mind.

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We analyze your market trends and styles, and we let you know our professional advice about future tendencies.

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Our know-how and production lines enables us to manufacture articles in any footwear construction.

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Before using any production material, we test its properties in our laboratories to ensure its quality and certifiability.

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We manage the order initiation, providing precise information about their situation any given moment

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We have a large team of experienced technicians that ensures your order will meet your quality requirements.

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Generating graphic content for all types of media adding value to the final product.

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We can develop from one single style to your full range season collection.

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