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We are experts in safety footwear design. development. manufacturing.

Grand Protection Int, S.L. (GPI) is devoted exclusively to the design, development and manufacturing of footwear, specializing in the Safety Footwear field. GPI. With over 20 years of experience in the footwear industry, we provide an integral solution to customer’s needs.

NOVA was born to overcome all the needs PPE dedicated companies have when it comes to find a design consultancy focused in safety footwear.

More than 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing safety shoes greatly compliments a young team that aims to offer new concepts and ideas to the safety footwear world. This is the formula that NOVA is applying to their projects.

What we can Offer!

We help you solve problems


We create, complete and perfect exclusive articles and collections for our customers.


We rely on our market knowledge, providing technological innovations with latest trends in mind.


We always design and develop with our client’s demands in mind.


Our know-how enables us to manufacture articles in any footwear construction.


Before using any production material, we test its properties in our laboratories to ensure its quality.


We manage the order initiation, providing precise information about their situation in any given moment.


All our articles are analyzed in various prestigious institutions such as SATRA, INESCOP, ITS or CTC.


Generating graphic content for all types of media, adds value to the final product.


We prepare your entire new collection of safety footwear.

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