Slip-resistant safety footwear: SR

In any profession, safety footwear is an essential part of…

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How to measure the foot to choose the size of the appropriate safety footwear?

Safety footwear must be effective, and in order to be…

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7 most common occupational foot diseases

Feet suffer from many disorders on a daily basis when…

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Que es el tejido coolmax

What is Coolmax fabric and what use is it given in the safety footwear industry?

There are activities that cause some areas of our body…

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revistas calzado

Main magazines specialized in safety footwear

Within the press we can discover a great diversity of…

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best footwear for hospitality

What type of footwear is best for working in the hospitality industry?

If you have to stand for long hours at work,…

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what is gore tex

What is Gore-Tex and how does it work?

A GORE-TEX membrane is a microporous structure that gives products…

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shoes to work long hours on your feet

What footwear to choose for standing work?

For workers who spend their working day on their feet,…

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Footwear industry

Safety footwear industry and its evolution towards Industry 4.0

At GPI Shoes we examine the progress of the various…

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How to determine the best safety footwear? Boots and/or shoes

27.6% of accidents at work affect the extremities of the…

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