calzado para trabajo en alturas

The importance of safety footwear at heights

Safety footwear is an essential component in personal protective equipment.…

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aparado calzado

Shoe fitting, one of the keys to quality safety footwear

Shoe dressers who are part of the shoemaking team in…

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calzado de seguridad comodo

Comfortable safety footwear: Types of insoles and accessories

Wearing work shoes can be uncomfortable for the position and…

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microfiber in shoes

Microfibre in the production of safety shoes and its advantages

There is a great variety of materials used in safety…

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tecnología en el calzado

Innovations and technology in the world of safety footwear

The great advances in the design, development and manufacture of…

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What are the parts of safety footwear?

What are the parts of safety footwear? Safety footwear is…

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TPU sole blog

TPU soles for safety footwear: Cushioning, Flexibility and Resistance

TPU soles, which stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethane, are a type…

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Polyurethane and thermoplastic polyurethane in the manufacture of work footwear

Polyurethane is a polymer extracted from hydroxyl bases combined with…

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prevención de riesgos laborales

What role does safety footwear play in the prevention of occupational risks?

Nowadays, we find ourselves in a society where specialisation and…

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calzado antiestático, esd o dieléctrico

Antistatic, ESD or dielectric footwear. Which footwear should I choose

In the safety footwear sector there are a wide variety…

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