Safety Footwear Certification Service


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Safety footwear must comply with a series of ISO standards in order to fulfill sufficient requirements for certification.

Compliance with these standards is of the utmost importance, because if work footwear is purchased without a safety certificate, it could be dangerous for the end-user
At GPI Shoes, before using any production material, we test its properties in our laboratories to guarantee its quality.

All the necessary tests are carried out there to guarantee the correct functioning of the technologies applied to the footwear. We also corroborated that the product meets all passes the requirements to obtain the respective safety certificates.

What ISO standards does our safety footwear comply with?

At Gran Protection Int. we participate in all logistics, promotion, design, development and manufacturing of safety footwear, ensuring that products meet with the main quality standards for certification, such as:
  • UNE-EN ISO 20345 Standard (on safety footwear): This standard is basic within this industry, because it specifies the minimum safety requirements for general use. 
For example, it includes mechanical, thermal and slip resistance risks, among others.
  • Standard UNE-EN ISO 20347:2013 (on Occupational Footwear: working but not safety footwear): This international standard itemizes the basic requirements for occupational footwear that is not exposed to any mechanical risk (impact or compression).
  • Standard UNE-EN ISO 20349:2011 (Protective footwear against thermal risks and molten metal splashes): This international regulation stipulates the conditions and test methods for footwear that protects workers from thermal risks and molten iron and aluminum splashes such as those found in welding or similar processes.
certification for safety footwear

Why use our service for the certification of safety footwear?

At Gran Protection Int. we meet your requirements, in addition to managing, ensuring and analyzing the certification process of your footwear in some of the most prestigious independent laboratories such as SATRA, INESCOP, ITS or CTC.

Thanks to the fact that we work with these institutions we can accomplish and obtain safety certificates following the current regulations in the different markets.

safety footwear certification