Business Consulting Service for Footwear Companies


consutancy for safety footwear

One of the keys to achieving customer satisfaction with safety footwear in the footwear industry is the professional counseling service.

Thanks to this, the customer will be able to consult with the company on how the design, development and/or production process of the safety footwear should be.

At GPI Shoes we design and develop our safety footwear considering the demands of our clients, because each client is different and has their own needs and objectives.

Why hire our business consulting service for safety footwear projects?

Our mission is to adopt new trends and innovations, as well as the use of new technologies, materials and everything related to the safety footwear sector in order to achieve unique products with an attractive and comfortable design, as well as efficient and functional.
safety footwear for consultancy
We regularly visit the main trade fairs related to the safety footwear industry and we negotiate in the main markets with the most renowned suppliers of footwear components, bringing all this networking to your project.
consultancy to safety footwear
At GPI, you will always find new concepts and ideas about the safety footwear sector from professionals specialised in all phases of the product creation process, in order to achieve success with your project.
consultance safety footwear
Marketing, logistics, manufacturing, development, design, certification, quality… No matter where your project is in the process. We can advise and offer you specific services adapted to your needs and requirements.
safety footwear to consultancy