Shapes, materials and security levels


On a daily basis, we follow up on new trends and technology inclusions in the safety world, as well as materials and processes around the footwear market, no matter the origin (fashion, safety, sport, etc.). At the same time, we try to apply every innovation in a subtle yet applicable manner to the shoes, no matter how ambitious it may appear at first sight.

Our sample room is made up of pattern technicians, prototyping specialists and production technicians who are in close cooperation with our designers and developersto bring all the ideas to life.

Thanks to all the new technologies and prototyping tools, such as resin moulds or 3D printing, we can further check the final look from almost every shoe component before arranging the definitive moulds.

Our long experience in footwear industry, from the first years in the fashion world, to our following specialization in the safety shoes market, have allowed us to know all the production processes in-depth.