Shapes, materials and security levels


Product Development Service for Safety Footwear Companies

The design and development of safety shoes, as well as other types of professional footwear for risk prevention, is one of the most important phases in the manufacture of these important elements or components of PPE.

It is in this phase when the forms, materials and design and manufacturing processes that best fit the use that will be given to it and the production cost that the client seeks are selected.

It is very important that this type of footwear is developed with the appropriate materials and safety levels, as this footwear will accompany you throughout your working day, being a fundamental part of your personal protective equipment.

At GPI we monitor new trends and technological incorporations in the safety clothing sector for the prevention of accidents or occupational illnesses, as well as new materials and manufacturing processes applied in the footwear industry.

Thanks to this knowledge and continuous innovation, we are able to develop products for safety footwear with a guarantee of maximum quality and customize models to the needs of each client.

Our sample area is made up of technicians specialising in production and prototyping (with resin moulds or 3D printing) who work closely with our designers and developers to make your ideas possible.

Thanks to these tools, we can more clearly show the final appearance of almost all the elements that will make up the final product before the final moulds are available for mass production.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the personal protective equipment, safety and footwear industry, we have a thorough understanding of all the project needs to create unique items for each customer.

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devolopment and design safety footwear

On a daily basis, we follow up on new trends and technology inclusions in the safety world, as well as materials and processes around the footwear market, no matter the origin (fashion, safety, sport, etc.). At the same time, we try to apply every innovation in a subtle yet applicable manner to the shoes, no matter how ambitious it may appear at first sight.

Our sample room is made up of pattern technicians, prototyping specialists and production technicians who are in close cooperation with our designers and developersto bring all the ideas to life.

safety footwear development

Thanks to all the new technologies and prototyping tools, such as resin moulds or 3D printing, we can further check the final look from almost every shoe component before arranging the definitive moulds.

development prototype safety footwear

Our long experience in footwear industry, from the first years in the fashion world, to our following specialization in the safety shoes market, have allowed us to know all the production processes in-depth.

development safety footwear