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Logistics Service for Safety Footwear Companies

In the set of phases necessary to develop and produce safety footwear, the logistics phase may seem not so essential, but this is not the case. 

The management of production orders is important to maintain a close relationship with the customer, so logistics services in footwear companies are of great importance for the success of the product.

And it is essential to be able to place the company’s product in the requested place, at the right time and with the maximum security guarantees so that it arrives in the best conditions and in the most economical way possible for its distribution and this is something that at Grand Protection Int.Safety and Work Shoes we know well

At GPI we have extensive experience in a multitude of projects in safety footwear orders, as well as their design, development, production and/or manufacturing and their shipment to the client’s facilities, always managing to meet their expectations and needs.

At all times, the client has up-to-date information on the situation and status of their safety footwear order, thus creating fluid and direct communication between the client and us, which helps the organization and operation of the project.

In addition, we take care of the corresponding and/or necessary documentation for the transport of goods to the customer’s warehouse, as well as the inventory and storage analysis so that the customer does not have to worry about anything.

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From the very first moment, since the reception of the order, we accompany you throughout the process.

We manage the order initiation, providing precise information about their situation at any time.

Once the order is produced and in close collaboration with the forwarder, we process shipments. At any moment we will inform you of the situation of your safety shoes.

safty footwear logistics

We also maintain the corresponding documentation for goods’ transportation with final destination to the customer’s warehouse.

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